Warrior Dash

Role: Game Designer, Level Designer

Warrior Dash is a real-time, multiplayer racing game with RPG elements. Race against your friends or other players using your favorite warrior and powering them up through skills and abilities. Each warrior has its own unique global attack and single-target ability to help take out other warriors in front and behind you.

Overtake and outrace your opponents by hurdling obstacles, dodging opponents’ attacks and choosing the best path to win the race. Jump through item boxes to grab power-ups that let you shoot out attacks at enemies or grab strong shields that block their attacks.

Joining a race is easy and fun:
– Choose your warrior.
– Equip your weapons and hack, slash and slice through your enemies as you try to be the first to cross the finish line.
– Compete against your friends and other players online, in real time.
– Upgrade your warrior as you progress and build your warrior into the ultimate combo of a racing and killing machine.

Game Features:
– Race real people
– Compete in real-time
– Find your friends and race against them
– Grab awesome powerups
– Jump, then double jump!
– Unlock multiple warrior classes who each have their own unique skills

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