Master of None

Unlike a lot of people who may previously have watched Parks and Recreation I started watching Master of None with only the knowledge that Aziz Ansari who was one of the stars of that show also wrote this one. There was a decent bit of buzz around the quality of the show in addition to the fact that it was Netflix exclusive. Netflix finally launched in India last week and I immediately signed up for the free trial to find out what a streaming video subscription service is all about.

That is basically how I got around to watching Master of None. The first season consisting of 10 episodes was available to watch in it’s entirety so I finished the whole thing up over a span of 3–4 days. Now having never watched Parks and Recreation before I had no preconceived notions as to what sort of character would be played by Aziz Ansari. He plays a 30 something American of Indian descent. An upcoming actor trying to make his way in the world. Straight of the bat Aziz is a very likeable actor from the way he talks and portrays himself. Most importantly he seems very real and relatable. The same goes for the supporting cast that also includes his real life parents. They are extremely sweet and their voices posses and endearing quality to them. It doesn’t take more than an episode to feel like you’ve known Dev the character played by Aziz and his gang of friends for years.


In 10 episodes the show covers a wide range of topics, from what it means to be a struggling actor, sexuality, relationships both with lovers and parents, feminism, racism, the intricate complexities of marriage, old age, death and everything in between. Everything is portrayed with exceptional wit, humor and an abundance of love. The situations in the show can make you smile, laugh or deliver a gut punch in equal measure. If you’re looking for something both funny and meaningful at the same time the show is a must watch.


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