Exiting Kashmir

The last day of your vacation is always the toughest. After 7 incredible days here and lifetime of memories to take back, our driver said there were a couple more places he wanted to take us to before heading back to the airport.

Zeshat Devi Mandir


The first was a little known temple close by to the The Lalit Grand Palace in Srinagar, the Zeshta Devi Mandir. I am typically averse to most temples because of the huge crowds that throng most temples. This one was something our particular driver liked to take his guests. It was up a few winding roads and there was absoultely no one there besides us. It was a simple structure but nestled between some beautiful mountains.


The Lalit Grand Palace Srinagar

As I had mentioned while there are a ton of options for accomodation, for tourists on a budget there are also options for the rich and famous. Our driver very confidently told the security at the hotel gate that we were here for lunch when asked if we were guests going to check in to the hotel.


After getting through with confidence we got off to take a stroll inside the hotel grounds. While I can imagine that the inside of the hotel were suitably lavish being a 5 star hotel the best part of the hotel was it’s spectacular location. With huge open grounds in the front and incredible mountains behind it felt like a place that you would want to one day want to stay at. DSCN2171.JPG

We took a small horse buggy ride offered here before heading out.


Don’t miss out on Kashmir

In today’s age of Whatsapp and Twitter news has become more accessible and dangerous. It is as fast to spread misinformation as it is to to benefit from these modern technologies. On the day that we had arrived the internet had been shutdown for 2 days to prevent this very problem. Our driver told us that despite the inconvenience it was a good thing.

Our 7 days spent were some of the best. Media and politics has absolutely destroyed the livelihood of so many locals that rely on tourism. The warmth we felt here from the locals was genuine. They want nothing more than peace for their state. The acts of a few nefarious elements have unfortunately come to represent the nature of all it’s people. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In a tourist driven economy they want nothing more than to make tourists feel safe. That anyone would willingly do something to jeopardise this is unthinkable.

Kashmir was absolutely breathtaking. It’s no wonder everyone fights over it. Despite everything you may hear on TV or the internet it’s a place every Indian must visit once in their lives. I advised everyone who has asked me since about travelling to Kashmir if it was safe. I told them in the 7 days I spent there this is what I felt.

I am more likely to lose my life in a road accident in Pune because of it’s unruly traffic, than I am from anything that could happen in Kashmir

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