Tower Conquest

Venture into the world of Tower Conquest in your search for eternal glory! Recruit and evolve the perfect army to destroy opposing towers. Explore endless worlds and defeat enemies to earn treasure, increase your strength, and dominate the Player Leagues!

Game Features:

● Five separate factions comprised of 70 unique characters, heroes and towers.

● Objective based strategic combat that challenges your skills in defense and speed!

● Vibrant 2D art style, with custom animation and over 50 faction specific backgrounds.

● Collect cards to unlock and evolve your units, allowing them to gain powerful and unique abilities!

● A generative map system with ever-growing rewards as you meet objectives and travel to new worlds!

● Robust daily Quest and Merchant offerings.

● With 5 unique squad slots, mix and match 1,000’s of character combinations to find your perfect team!

● Share gifts with Facebook friends and battle in challenging Player vs. Player combat.

Toon Squad Neo

β–Ί Intense Puzzle Combat! Defeat opposing evil Toons through the time-honored tradition of thrilling strategic puzzle combat! β–Ί Assemble your own squad of fighting Toons! Recruit from hundreds of unique Toons to form your very own dream team of belligerent misfits! β–Ί Player vs Player Battles! Export your brand of malicious intent to random strangers across the globe through glorious PVP battles! Strip them of their pride, dignity and cash as you create life-long bitter rivalries! β–Ί Jaw-dropping base-building action! Construct an elaborate base and be the envy of mad scientists everywhere! β–Ί Create an unstoppable alliance with your friends! Team up with your friends to help each other build might towns quickly and share your best Toons in battle to spread havoc! β–Ί Stop a diabolical maniac in a campaign of numerous exotic locales! Stop nefarious supervillains and their henchmen from subjugating your base to conquer the world. If anybody’s going to use your base to achieve complete global domination, it should be YOU! β–Ί Real-time Global Chat! Talk with players from all over the world and tell them you’re better than them! Cyber marines, basketball players, space monkeys, pick-up artists, despotic tyrants, skeleton warriors – you name it, we have them all! Assemble, enhance, and unleash your Toon Squad!

Warrior Dash

Role: Game Designer, Level Designer

Warrior Dash is a real-time, multiplayer racing game with RPG elements. Race against your friends or other players using your favorite warrior and powering them up through skills and abilities. Each warrior has its own unique global attack and single-target ability to help take out other warriors in front and behind you.

Overtake and outrace your opponents by hurdling obstacles, dodging opponents’ attacks and choosing the best path to win the race. Jump through item boxes to grab power-ups that let you shoot out attacks at enemies or grab strong shields that block their attacks.

Joining a race is easy and fun:
– Choose your warrior.
– Equip your weapons and hack, slash and slice through your enemies as you try to be the first to cross the finish line.
– Compete against your friends and other players online, in real time.
– Upgrade your warrior as you progress and build your warrior into the ultimate combo of a racing and killing machine.

Game Features:
– Race real people
– Compete in real-time
– Find your friends and race against them
– Grab awesome powerups
– Jump, then double jump!
– Unlock multiple warrior classes who each have their own unique skills

Ninjump Dash

Role: Game Designer, Level Designer

NinJump Dash is a live, multiplayer racing game featuring your favorite characters from NinJump, the mega-hit game enjoyed by millions of players around the world. You’ll race against three real people, including your Facebook friends and random opponents.

The action is real-time.
Jump over obstacles to overtake your opponents.
Shoot rockets, portals & throwing stars at players ahead of you to knock them back.
Drop punch boxes to slow competitors behind you.
Outfit your character in pirate garb, robot gear, the female ninja look, a chicken suit and other fun costumes.
Taunt the competition.
Join a league and climb the leaderboards. Jump on in.

β€’ Race real people
β€’ Compete in real-time
β€’ See Facebook friends
β€’ Grab awesome powerups
β€’ Jump, then double jump!
β€’ Customize your costume
β€’ Taunt other players
β€’ Join a league
β€’ Climb the leaderboards

Sports Collection

Role: Game Designer

  • 15 Solo and Team-Based Sports – Play your favorite sports and discover new disciplines A huge variety guarantees there?s something for everyone! Featured sports include:
  • 18 Playable Athletes – Select your favorite among a cast of edgy, inspirational characters Choose your character wisely ? each one has specific characteristics of strength, energy and speed which will affect performance!
  • Fast-Paced Arcade Gameplay – Experience a fast-paced arcade game style with interactive, pick-up-and-play controls combining the DS Touch Screen, stylus and microphone Win coins with your best moves and earn medals to unlock high-level tournaments
  • 3 Levels of Difficulty – Aim for the top as you progress through increasingly challenging events in 3 different levels of play

Chhota Bheem Race

Role: Game Designer, Level Designer

– Race against characters from the Chhota Bheem universe.
– Collect and use awesome power ups on your enemies.
– Race in exotic locations from all over the country.
– Earn coins as you win races and buy new characters and weapons to race with.
– Gain trophies by racing and try to top the leader boards.

Motu Patlu Game

Role:Β Game Designer, Level Designer

Join Motu Patlu and the gang in epic races against each other. Use awesome powers to slow down your opponents and speed yourself up.

Activate your characters favourite vehicles in the race for a quick boost. Upgrade the Scooter, Cycle, Bullet and the M80 with in game currency rewards.

Need a quick boost for a mission using Dr Jhatka’s latest inventions from the lab.

6 levels and hundreds of exciting missions in this exciting platformer

Shoot Exploding Rockets, use slow down waves and send out portals to teleport players behind, use the magic hourglass to slow down time for your opponents.
Drop deadly punch boxes in your wake to slow down your competitors.

– Collect and use awesome power ups on your enemies.
– Race in exotic locations from all over the country.
– Earn coins as you win races and buy new characters and weapons to race with.
– Gain trophies by racing and try to top the leader boards.

Road Designer

Road Designer – An Excursion Through The Mind

Role: UI Designer and Developer

  • Designed the complete UI and experience from scratch for this software that aids in the construction of roads.
  • Developed and coded the application with a team of 3 developers.


Role: UI Designer and Developer

  • Designed the complete UI and experience from scratch for this software that helps in the allocation of resource in Africa
  • Developed and coded the application.