Gardens of Kashmir

It was the day that we were finally visiting the gardens of Kashmir. After having some poha that was spelled as puha in our hotel menu we headed out early. While I love gardens of all kinds, my wife is not a big fan. Since we were to spend the entire day exclusively visiting gardens she wasn’t the most excited as we headed out.



Our first stop was a ride to Parimahal a terraced garden that offered spectacular views of Dal Lake as well as the city. Situated on a hillock we had a great time walking across it’s multiple levels each offering different views of Srinagar. The crowds were moderate and a gentle breeze accompanied us everywhere.



While I had initially imagined Kashmir to be a conservative place with couples not tending to show their affection in public this place completely surprised me. There were young couples everywhere and it seemed like this was one of those places where they were truly free to just be themselves and enjoy each other’s company.



While there are lovers names scratched into the walls at some places thankfully it wasn’t so much that it became an eye sore.



Chasmeshahi falls on the way to Parimahal at the top but we chose to go here on the way back from Parimahal.


It has a point of fresh water whose source is not known. Our driver told us that Nehru’s water came from here. While it’s upto you if choose to believe in this I think a story whether true or made up always adds to the charm of any place you may visit.


Nishat Baug


Next up was Nishat Baug a 12 step terrace garden built in 1634 A.D. Overlooking the Dal lake from the first terrace onwards and extending to a great distance upto the uppermost terrace it’s a vast garden lined with fountains water channels and chinnar trees.


Once we went upto the last terrace we stopped midway to just lie down in the grass and listen to some soft music. With the perfect weather that day it was a sublime experience.




Built by Emperor Jahangir for his wife Noor Jahan this was the last of the mughal style gardens we saw before heading to the Tulip Gardens



Tulip Garden


The Tulip Garden is open only for 1 – 1.5 months in the year when the tulips are in full bloom so were lucky to see them. Late evening is the best time to see them as the afternoon sun makes it hard to see them for a longer stretch of time.


Botanical Gardens


We still had some time to to spare after visiting the Tulip Gardens so we ended the day with a silent peaceful pedal boat ride at the neighbouring botanical garden. Most people tend to give it a skip but I highly reccomend it.



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