Explaining Indian Marriage in Peru

My uncle’s wife happens to be from Peru so on my trip there I stayed at the home of her parents in the city of Cusco for a couple of days.

Their quaint little home in Cusco

Their youngest son also stayed with them and on my last day in Peru he and his girlfriend took me out on a food tour of the city. Unfortunately he didn’t speak much English so my communication with him was very limited. But he was very fun and enthusiastic and going around the small city from place to place was a very enjoyable experience.

A supposedly famous wall in Cusco though I can’t remember it’s significance now

Standing in front of the Fountain at the Plaza de Armas

Enjoying the lovely local dish Papas a la huanciana

When we finally settled down to dinner we tried to converse in the little english we did understand.

Dinner Time

He asked me if I was married and the conversation somewhere meandered towards understanding how people usually got married in India. I tried my best to explain to him the very complicated concept of arranged marriage. I told him about how once a guy had decided that he was ready to get married would go and meet several girls before he decided on the one that he was going to marry. Ofcourse I didn’t delve into stuff like horoscopes and such that would defenitely have gone over his head. As the expression on his face grew incredulous with every passing minute there came a point where he finally said to me “You mean to say you can have many girlfriends at one time”. I burst out laughing all the while thinking how very far from the truth that was or was he right 😛